Dalilin Da Yasa Zanyi Takara — Inji Comrd Abba Auwal Tahir
(Dan Iyyan T/Wada)

Daga Auwal M Kura

Matashin Dan Gwagwarmayan Nan Dake Jahar Kaduna , Comrade Abba Auwal Tahir Ya Bayyana Dalilansa Na Tsayawa Takarar Dan Majalisar Tarayyar Najeriya Mai Wakiltar Karamar Hukumar Kaduna Ta Kudu.

Yayin Tattauna Da Wakilmu Kwamared Abba Tahir Auwal, Ya Bayyana Cewa Zai Fito Takara Ne Mussaman Duba Ga Yadda Kasar Ke Bukatar Matasa,Masu Sabbin Tsare Tsare Da Kudurori, A Wannan Lokaci,
Inda Ya Kara Da Cewa”Zamuyi Takara Ne Domin Ingata Rayuwar Al-ummar mu Mussanman Matasa ,Da Ababen More Rayuwa,Ta Hanyar Karfafasu Basu Nema Musu Aiyukanyi Da Ilimi,Kiwon Lafiya Don Ganin Sunyi Rayuwa Cikin Aminci ”

A Karshe Kwamred Abba Auwal Tahir, Yayi Kira Ga Matasa Dasu Shigo Harkar Siyasa Domin Neman Mukamai Don Kawo Cigaba Mai Ma’ana A Wannan Kasa Ta Najeriya, Ba Tare Da Nuna Tsoro Ko Fargaba Ba Domin Kuw Yanzu Lokaci ne Na Matasa Da Matasa.

Danna nan idan kana neman BIDIYON HAUSA masu ilimantar wa da NIshadantarwa musamman na Zamantakewa tsaknin Ma'aurata:

Domin Kallon Videos namu masu Kayatarwa

Updated: 2018-04-27 — 11:22 pm


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    This has been a great day for Nigeria, and, as the Indigene of Kaduna state, I am proud to speak to my fellow-countrymen, and I am humble, too, when I think of the enormous responsibility which has been placed upon me, and my colleagues.

    Today, we have set out on the last stage of our journey to House of Representative, and next year we will see the culmination of a process which has been gathering momentum year by year, and will see us reaping the harvest of what we have sown. The success of the harvest will depend upon us, and that is why I am glad to speak to you today. Everyone of us has his part to play in the work of preparing Nigeria for The General Election on the 16 of April, 2019. I want everyone in Nigeria to realise that this is no easy task, and it cannot be performed by the National and State and local government electoral bodies alone. It is a task for everyone of you because it is only by the personal effort of each individual that Independence for the Federation can become a reality in 2019.

    We have declared our intention for Contesting in For House of Representative, representing Kaduna South Federal Constituency on the 6th of May, 2018, and if we wish to take our place among the responsible nations of the world, we must make every effort to see that this aim is achieved, and achieved with an international reputation for good internal government.

    Nigeria has now reached a critical stage in her history. We must seize the opportunity which has been offered to us to show that we are able to manage our own affairs properly. Every Nigerian, whatever his status, and whatever his religion, has his or her share to contribute to this crucial task. I appeal to all my countrymen and women to cooperate with me and my colleagues to create a better understanding among our peoples, to establish mutual respect, and trust, among all our tribal groups, and to unite in working together for the common cause, the cause for which no sacrifice will be too great.

    I am convinced, and I want you also to be convinced, that the future of this vast country must depend, in the main, on the efforts of ourselves to help ourselves. This we cannot do if we do not work together in unity. Indeed, unity today is our greatest concern, and it is the duty off everyone of us to work so that we may strengthen it. As i always said that bitterness due to political differences would carry Nigeria nowhere, and I appealed to the political leaders throughout the country to control their party extremists. To you who are listening Now I repeat that appeal—Let us put away bitterness and go forward in friendship to Election.

    And now I would like to say a word to the civil service. We are grateful to all the civil servants, through whose work the country has reached the present stage of political development. I know that every constitutional advance puts a great strain on the civil service. Not only is there additional work to be done, but some officers find it hard to accept the new changes, but I must emphasize that Nigeria has on 29th May 2015 taken another important step forward, and if we are to succeed we must have the loyalty of all Nigerian and expatriate officers in this vital period before Good Governance is achieved. I should like to reassure all our expatriate staff of our continued Sincerity in the pledges given over the last few years and to promise them that they need have no fears about their future. Their aim and our aim remains what it has always been—the welfare and prosperity of Nigeria. Our political advance will be of no value if it is not supported by economic progress. It is therefore most important that the development plans throughout the country should be carried out with vigour in order that we may have a proper financial standing.

    I would like to remind you of what a great American once said. It was this, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This statement is as true for Nigeria today as it has been for any other country. The peoples of Nigeria must be united to enable this country to play a full part in shaping the destiny of mankind. On no account should we allow the selfish ambitions of individuals to jeopardise the peace of the thirty-three million law-abiding people of Nigeria. It is the duty of all of us to work for unity and encourage members of all our communities to live together in peace and harmony. The way to do this is to create understanding, mutual respect and trust. It is important that we should first show respect to each other before asking the world to respect us.

    Well—it is time for me to wish you success in life but first I would Once more tell you how absolutely vital it is for your future and the future Nigeria which your children will inherit that, during this period before Election we should be united. Let us be honest with ourselves, and let us be sincere—we know what we want, and we are sure that we can get it, and get it at the right time, provided we are not delayed by selfish quarrels. At a time like this, we must all turn our minds to Almighty God and seek His guidance and assistance—by His grace, we shall succeed.
    God Bless You
    God Bless kaduna State
    God Bless Nigeria.
    Comrade Abba Auwal Tahir
    Member Aspirant
    Kaduna South Federal Constituency

  2. Forum for peace and poverty salvation/relief???

    Allah ya bamu [email protected] on bahava of ###Forum for peace and poverty salvation/relief. Unguwar sunuai n askolaye


    Fellow Kaduna South Indigenes…Today we are no longer what we were; what is happening today is not in our character.
    The norms and values left by Sardauna and our founding fathers are no longer with us, they are not with us.
    Today as I have often described the situation, the institution of family has broken down, respect for elders and constituted authority which used to be our cardinal principle in our society, is now at its lowest ebb.
    Honesty, The Work of making KADUNA great is not yet done, because we still believe that change is possible, this time through the Ballot, and most importantly, because Comrade ABBA AUWAL TAHIR have the capacity and the passion to dream and work for a NIGERIA that will be respected again in the comity of nations and that all Kaduna south indigenes will be proud of.
    The Great people of Kaduna south honesty we know that Where it does not pay has become meaningless; symptoms of revolt loom large in the horizon.
    In short, there is meaninglessness in in philosophy, insecurity in polity, chaos in politics, immorality in society, corruption in economy, frustration in art and lack of creativity in literature.
    This is not what Kaduna used to be or Nigeria as a whole, ours was a decent country whose leaders respected one another in spite of their political differences.
    Ours was a society that was morally sound, was a society in which all of us were our brother’s keepers; it is not the same today.
    Perhaps, some people say we have been brain-washed by our erstwhile colonial masters, it is true to a certain extent, but we are to a very large extent to blame, because we are masters of our faith, we should be captains of our souls.
    The Great people of Kaduna South Allow Comrade Abba Auwal Tahir to prove to you The three(3) point agenda among which are;
    1. Youth Empowerment
    2. Quality Education
    3. Good Healthcare.
    Kaduna indigenes please note that under the present circumstances; The survival of our beloved state is far above any other consideration.. Kaduna State is the Only state we have we must solve our problems ourselves… We must lay a very solid foundation for the grace of true democracy… We should avoid any temporary solutions…
    The problems must be address firmly,objectively,decisively and with all sincerity of purpose.
    Vote wisely… VOTE ABBA AUWAL TAHIR 2019

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