Some Common Travel Visa Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Some Common Travel Visa Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Travel visa interview questions are not so different from job interview questions, in both cases, the interviewer always want to see your level of confidence and how you can comport yourself, secondly the information you submitted while applying for the visa will make up about 70% of the interview questions.

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You have to ensure to have all the information you submitted at the tip of your finger, learn not to stammer while answering travel visa interview questions, as this will look suspicious and show lack of confidence and may even make you look suspicious in the eye of the interviewer.

Most Asked Travel Visa Interview Questions

there are questions which have become very regular in every visa interview, these questions usually repeat in every interview question, also bear in mind that some interviewers can ask funny and even provocative questions, sometimes questions about your personal life and relationships could be asked,

avoid getting upset, some only ask for the fun of it.

The following are the most regular travel visa interview questions;

1. why are you travelling to the Scotland

answer: here tell the interviewer exactly your mission in the respective country you are visiting

2. where do you hope to stay when you arrive?

answer: Before this time, you should have been familiar with the address of the location you are visiting, memorize it if possible and say it truthfully.

3.  who is your sponsor?

here, state who your sponsor it as it is.

4. how long do you intend staying there?

state the duration of your visit, avoid going into unnecessary details unless you are asked.

5. why do you want a one year visa? is it not possible to shorten your trip?

here let the interviewer know the purpose of your visit possibly for a short academic program which has a stipulated time and so you do not have the authority to shorten it.

6. What do you know about the country you are visiting?

ensure to read a bit about the country you are visiting, if its your first visit, you can equally say that travelling is part of education and that you intend to exploit all necessary information about the country you are visiting should you be granted the Visa.

7. What are your plans after your return?

this question is very sensitive, never say you do not intend coming back, your Visa can only permit you for one year or six months as the case may be, you can not stay beyond what your Visa can cover, your sincere answer should be that you intend coming back to your country as soon as you Visa coverage is due.

8. What is the Purpose of Your Visit?

state your purpose of Visit with honesty.

9. what will be your reaction if you are denied the Visa?

Just say you are happy to have been given an opportunity to appear for an interview, and that everything works together for good, that you will also be making more efforts next time to make it.

10. what are your expectations:

here you may state that you do expect an exciting experience where you will learn much that will add value to your life and the society at large.

11.  Which exciting places are You Planning to Visit when you get to the country?

Reply sincerely that you have read so much about the country you are visiting, also bear in mind that you may be asked of what and what you have read, tell them with all confidence without fear.

We do hope you found this article useful and you are better equipped as to what to expect during your Visa interview.

Feel free to send your comments, contributions and observations as you also share this piece with your friends and loved ones.


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