Dalilin Da Yasa Zanyi Takara — Inji Comrd Abba Auwal Tahir
(Dan Iyyan T/Wada)

Daga Auwal M Kura

Matashin Dan Gwagwarmayan Nan Dake Jahar Kaduna , Comrade Abba Auwal Tahir Ya Bayyana Dalilansa Na Tsayawa Takarar Dan Majalisar Tarayyar Najeriya Mai Wakiltar Karamar Hukumar Kaduna Ta Kudu.

Yayin Tattauna Da Wakilmu Kwamared Abba Tahir Auwal, Ya Bayyana Cewa Zai Fito Takara Ne Mussaman Duba Ga Yadda Kasar Ke Bukatar Matasa,Masu Sabbin Tsare Tsare Da Kudurori, A Wannan Lokaci,
Inda Ya Kara Da Cewa”Zamuyi Takara Ne Domin Ingata Rayuwar Al-ummar mu Mussanman Matasa ,Da Ababen More Rayuwa,Ta Hanyar Karfafasu Basu Nema Musu Aiyukanyi Da Ilimi,Kiwon Lafiya Don Ganin Sunyi Rayuwa Cikin Aminci ”

A Karshe Kwamred Abba Auwal Tahir, Yayi Kira Ga Matasa Dasu Shigo Harkar Siyasa Domin Neman Mukamai Don Kawo Cigaba Mai Ma’ana A Wannan Kasa Ta Najeriya, Ba Tare Da Nuna Tsoro Ko Fargaba Ba Domin Kuw Yanzu Lokaci ne Na Matasa Da Matasa.

Updated: 2018-04-27 — 11:22 pm


  1. Forum for peace and poverty salvation/relief???

    Allah ya bamu sa@a on bahava of ###Forum for peace and poverty salvation/relief. Unguwar sunuai n askolaye


    Fellow Kaduna South Indigenes…Today we are no longer what we were; what is happening today is not in our character.
    The norms and values left by Sardauna and our founding fathers are no longer with us, they are not with us.
    Today as I have often described the situation, the institution of family has broken down, respect for elders and constituted authority which used to be our cardinal principle in our society, is now at its lowest ebb.
    Honesty, The Work of making KADUNA great is not yet done, because we still believe that change is possible, this time through the Ballot, and most importantly, because Comrade ABBA AUWAL TAHIR have the capacity and the passion to dream and work for a NIGERIA that will be respected again in the comity of nations and that all Kaduna south indigenes will be proud of.
    The Great people of Kaduna south honesty we know that Where it does not pay has become meaningless; symptoms of revolt loom large in the horizon.
    In short, there is meaninglessness in in philosophy, insecurity in polity, chaos in politics, immorality in society, corruption in economy, frustration in art and lack of creativity in literature.
    This is not what Kaduna used to be or Nigeria as a whole, ours was a decent country whose leaders respected one another in spite of their political differences.
    Ours was a society that was morally sound, was a society in which all of us were our brother’s keepers; it is not the same today.
    Perhaps, some people say we have been brain-washed by our erstwhile colonial masters, it is true to a certain extent, but we are to a very large extent to blame, because we are masters of our faith, we should be captains of our souls.
    The Great people of Kaduna South Allow Comrade Abba Auwal Tahir to prove to you The three(3) point agenda among which are;
    1. Youth Empowerment
    2. Quality Education
    3. Good Healthcare.
    Kaduna indigenes please note that under the present circumstances; The survival of our beloved state is far above any other consideration.. Kaduna State is the Only state we have we must solve our problems ourselves… We must lay a very solid foundation for the grace of true democracy… We should avoid any temporary solutions…
    The problems must be address firmly,objectively,decisively and with all sincerity of purpose.
    Vote wisely… VOTE ABBA AUWAL TAHIR 2019

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